Read what other moms have to say about our services.

“Lindsey was completely professional and came in and left my home actually cleaner than it was to start. The placenta encapsulation process is very interesting and Lindsey was happy to explain everything she was doing. I am glad I found her and I feel that the p-caps (as I like to call them) really helped me.”  – D.B.

“The capsules helped me so much, I don’t know how I could have done it without them. I was skeptical at first but then watching you prepare them got me really excited! I knew the capsules were working when I woke up the next day and I was not drenched in sweat. That alone made it worthwhile. Then they helped me feel a lot stronger and able to cope much better. I have been recommending your services to all the ladies that I know. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.”  – A.W.

“What a wonderful service!  The whole process was quick and easy, and so convenient with Lindsey coming to our home so we could stay and snuggle with our new baby.  Not only did you provide me with the “magic pills”, you also helped me nurse my daughter because I was having trouble with her latch.  You gave me great tips on breastfeeding, nutrition, and over-all mothering questions I had. You were a wonderful resource and inspiration.  Thank you.

As for the placenta pills, I really do feel like they made a huge difference in my mood and mind-set. I did go through a phase where I began to feel a little blue with the hormone dump, and after taking the placenta pills, I really could tell a difference in how I was feeling.  I still have some and take them when I am having a “rainy day”.  I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to experience this natural way of saving a part of me and my baby.  I wish people and hospitals were better educated about the nutrient-rich benefits of the placenta.”  – L.G.

“I was very pleased with Lindsey.  Everything was done so professionally in our own home.  Lindsey walked us through each step of the process.  My husband got to watch and take pictures while I was recovering with our baby.  After taking the pills, my midwife said I had the fastest recovery she had ever seen!  My uterus was back to its pre-pregnancy size within about a week and I had very minimal bleeding.”  – T.G.

“I only wish I had known about placenta benefits earlier!  My third pregnancy I was expecting twins, everything I read about consuming placenta sounded amazing and I knew with twins I could use all the help I could get so I booked Lindsey ASAP.  She was so professional in her chef uniform and very compassionate with her understanding of the delicate post-partum time.  She came into our home quietly the day after our babies were born and washed and prepared their placentas while I slept.  The next day when she came back to finish up I finally got to meet her and was so comforted by her encouragement with breastfeeding and newborn care.  She added a few special touches, made prints of our boy’s placentas before dehydrating them and even wove their umbilical cords into a heart shape for a cute little keepsake. I took the pills as directed and definitely felt a big difference in my recovery as opposed to the post-partum periods with my two older children.  My uterus shrank back to normal at a much faster rate, my bleeding became much lighter and lasted for just a little over 2 weeks.  My energy was higher and my emotions more even and I had no trouble producing enough milk for both of my new babies.  My twins are now a year old and I have reached back for the placenta pills a few times when I’ve had emotional distress and they have an immediate calming effect.  I am very convinced of the healing power the placenta holds and enthusiastically recommend Lindsey’s services to all my friends, I have even given the gift of placenta encapsulation as a baby shower present, twice!”  – K.R.